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Made the initial exploratory call yesterday.







This leads to insight, recommendations, and next steps.

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Happy Birthday Mom


Happy Birthday Margaret. My Mother-In-Law turns 87 today.

“Mom” is still living in the house she was born in. Same house her entire life. Never moved out. Never moved away.

She was one of nine children. Her Mother, “Grammy”, open a one-room grocery store (1927) in what is now the living room in their three-story row home in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Grammy raised nine children, ran the store from early morning to late at night for 44 years.

Her Father, who died in his 30’s, was a shoe cobbler in the the back of the house.

“Mom” has aches and pains like most 87 year olds, an answering machine, and even a Trac Phone.

She is a devout Catholic and prays all the time, even when it doesn’t seem so.

She has shown us unconditional love, simplicity, kindness and generosity, loyalty, and love.

Mom, you amaze us with your spirit. We love you.

Happy Birthday Dad

What Does the Future Hold?
What Does the Future Hold?

Happy Birthday Johnny. Johnny, my Father-In-Law, turns 84 today. Can you imagine 84?

His father died when he was just a young boy. His uncle, an alcoholic, tried to raise him as best he could.

Johnny got his driver’s license to get a job with the City of Allentown, but never drove a car, his entire life.

Johnny served our country in Europe during WWII, putting his life on the line for you and me.

Johnny provided for his Family, working hard all his life, at a job that provided no glamour, no glory, no prestige.

Johnny always tried to make his wife and daughter happy, so they never had to “go without”.

Johnny is a devout Catholic. And a big Frank Sinatra fan.

Johnny retired and never had to work another day in his life.

Johnny is a “rich” man.

Like many 84-year olds, his health is failing. He knows it. We all know it.

Johnny, if this is the last birthday you have (and I pray to God it’s not), my birthday wish for you is that you know that I Love You!

Just Call

That’s all that has do be done. Just pick up the phone and call. So why haven’t I?

Probably the same reason they haven’t done it.

So who’s right? Is there even a right or wrong? Seems irrelevant. So who’s going to make the first move?

Ever feel like this scenario? Any advice to people (me) who have a challenging habit of not staying in touch?