Parental Units

Kevin doll from UP
Kevin is a bird from Disney Pixar’s UP movie. Kevin is also a girl, and, a mom.

Parental Units.

Generally two adults.

Different sex, same sex. Doesn’t matter. Love is love. Parents are parents no matter the gender.

Parental love is the ultimate.

May you be privileged to experience it.

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Hear the echo of, “This is probably too difficult”?

American Dinner time table
Two nights ago, what did he see and feel that was “invisible and unspoken”?


Is there an echo in here?

We should behave so that our children (if we are parents) have a real-life example, or as close as humans can get, of what Jesus is like.

Where else will they get this?



A book, a class, stories?

You’re joking, right?

What if they saw it across the dining room table? Everyday.

If not now, when?

If not ever, why?

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Has The Door Been Opened?

Maybe. I hope so. Ever have something that’s been sort of nagging at you? Something important? Some critical piece of the puzzle?

Me too. And often (not always), what we seek is an opportunity (an ice-breaker) to open the door.

I think it happened last night. Thanks to my wife for being a positive catalyst.

Now it’s up to me to push the door open a little wider. Please pray that I’ll have the wisdom to demonstrate compassion as well as courage. And I’ll do the same for you. Carpe diem.

Just Call

That’s all that has do be done. Just pick up the phone and call. So why haven’t I?

Probably the same reason they haven’t done it.

So who’s right? Is there even a right or wrong? Seems irrelevant. So who’s going to make the first move?

Ever feel like this scenario? Any advice to people (me) who have a challenging habit of not staying in touch?