Humility and hidden talents

Orlando entrepreneurs
Kirk (left) was the art director for the Movie “Letters To God”.


Humility and hidden talents surround us. They’d overwhelm us if we knew them all.

It’s a very cool realization.

And even crazier, we already know this.

Yet forget this daily.

What if we didn’t?

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Mid Life Celebration Has A (Very) Hidden Cross In It’s Logo, Says Founder jeff noel

Mid Life Celebration logo and the hidden cross

There are two hidden crosses in Mid Life Celebration’s logo, says founder jeff noel. One, he says is fairly obvious, but unintentional. The real cross is literally imperceptable. Today’s post was inspired by yesterday’s post and the courage of Chick-fil-A to not hide what they believe. Courage can be contagious. It can also be easy to run from. Which it is, is up to us.

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