Don’t forget a business card design

Mid Life Celebration business card ideas 2008
Mid Life Celebration business card design ideas 2008
Mid life Celebration
Mid Life Celebration business card design ideas 2008
Mid life celebration
Mid Life Celebration business card design ideas 2008

There are 55 remaining days for after-school hugs.

Began officially counting them down last Monday (2 months, or 60 days out).

A couple thousand hugs in the bank, so the reality of this coming to an end soon doesn’t produce anxiety.

August 16 will be our son’s last official pre-college night with us. That’s 159 days from today (March 10).

And that means ony 159 more mornings on my knees at the foot of his bed for three daily prayers.

Time waits for no one.

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Mid Life Celebration Has A (Very) Hidden Cross In It’s Logo, Says Founder jeff noel

Mid Life Celebration logo and the hidden cross

There are two hidden crosses in Mid Life Celebration’s logo, says founder jeff noel. One, he says is fairly obvious, but unintentional. The real cross is literally imperceptable. Today’s post was inspired by yesterday’s post and the courage of Chick-fil-A to not hide what they believe. Courage can be contagious. It can also be easy to run from. Which it is, is up to us.

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The Most Important Work A Baby Boomer Can Do Is Set The Example For What Common Sense Values Look Like In Action

Fundamental American Values Are Common Sense Driven

The most important work a Baby Boomer can do is set the example for what common sense values look like in action. After writing this Mid Life Celebration blog post title, jeff noel realized there is no dialogue necessary to support it’s meaning. Go.

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The Curse Of Consistency Is That Boomers Can Become Numb To The Omnipotence

Only A Dummy Would Continue To Go Through Life Without Fixing This

Boomers, we are what we repeatedly do. The challenge with developing omnipotent habits is to never loose the original intent. We learn by doing things over and over until we can do the habit in our sleep. Some of our habits were never meant to become habits.

While repetition is the mother of all learning, repetition is also a leading cause of our blind spots. PS. This is post 4,998, to read post 4,999 please click Next Blog