jeff noel Hopes This Comes Across As A Teachable Moment And Not As A Dig Against The Catholic Church

The Passion of the Christ

The Sunday epiphany was that the congregation was also going through the motions, at least as far as jeff noel saw it. Please consider the fact that noel had spiritually gone through the motions his entire life. Now his eyes (and ears) were wide open spiritually.

The congregation dutifully sat and read along word for word as the Lector read. noel had been inspired by a passionate teacher to visualize themselves proclaiming God’s Holy word, not “doing a reading”.

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The Curse Of Consistency Is That Boomers Can Become Numb To The Omnipotence

Only A Dummy Would Continue To Go Through Life Without Fixing This

Boomers, we are what we repeatedly do. The challenge with developing omnipotent habits is to never loose the original intent. We learn by doing things over and over until we can do the habit in our sleep. Some of our habits were never meant to become habits.

While repetition is the mother of all learning, repetition is also a leading cause of our blind spots. PS. This is post 4,998, to read post 4,999 please click Next Blog

What If Catholics Got Tired Of The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit?

Um, things go better with, um...God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit? Yes. Final answer.

Catholics bless everything in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. For 2011 straight years. Never gets old. It has become what Catholics think and do without thinking. A deeply embedded, and omnipotent, habit that is literally written in stone.

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Midlife Baby Boomers, What Is The Art Of Letting Go Of The Uncontrolables?

Eye of the hurricane calm?

Midlife Baby Boomers, you are familiar with the Serenity prayer, right? Embrace this prayer and do as the prayer suggests and you will become an accomplished artist with more peace and contentment than you ever dreamed possible.

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