Three lessons Glacier taught me about spirituality

Lake McDonald Lodge lobby. No two lamp shades are the same. All hand-painted.

Three lessons Glacier taught me about spirituality:

  • Nature is God manifested in everything you see, as far as you can see. 
  • Be nice, and friendly, to people on the trail. 
  • What you do on the trail and what you do away from Glacier should match.

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Gone-forever opportunity

18th birthday
The deadline coincided with seeing our son reach 18. This photo marked that accomplishment, two days ago.


As i approach the final six months of the original 10-year plan, and get closer to six months left until June 8, 2019, the intensity of wanting to teach is increasing to a new level.


Well, and i’ve been thinking about this for a month, there’s more at stake and less to lose.

Once you’re dead and gone, the opportunity, in person, is gone forever.

It’s the “gone forever opportunity” that is fueling the desire to get more real – or go to the grave with unspoken ideas, wishes, hopes, love.


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If we don’t gloss over what happens around us

Red Tailed Hawk in yard
Yesterday while on a client call…


Sitting at my office desk, looking through the window shade, provides a great view of our front yard.

While talking to a Michigan client yesterday, i watched the Red Tailed Hawk (above) fly down from a tree with a fresh catch in its talons.

My guess is it was a baby squirrel.

Whatever it was, it was limp and much bigger than a mouse.

While nature is, in reality, brutal, it is also a literally perfect ecosystem that has been in place for millions of years.

What can we learn from this and how can we apply it to our daily lives?

The gift of life is not guaranteed.

Live like you mean it.

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Driven as a parent to teach what school isn’t designed for

Allegiant Air cabin
There’s much to ponder as a 15-year old. Same with the parent of a 15-year old.


Yesterday he befriended the runt of the group. By runt, i mean the youngest, least experienced, poorest member (quality of his card deck) of the weekly Sunday tournament regulars. Even going so far as to spend quality time with him as well as sharing his best deck when they played for fun after the tournament concluded.

i saw it as personal growth for a 15-year old.

Can’t help but wonder if he saw it as something remarkable.

Additionally, was thinking about how underwhelming the 8:45am sermon was. Maybe the 15-year old heard something i didn’t.

Maybe it was the result of some cumulative effect.

Maybe it was completely random and unintentional.

Disney has a culture by design, not by default. i’m applying the same cultural blueprint to personal life, including leadership parenting.

And because of this Disney application, i believe we are reaping some of what has been sown for the past decade or so.





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The drum lessons of life

Small midwestern home
Last week in Valparaiso, walking to an interview. Drum lesson sign lower left.


Father Ennis has four more Sundays and then he retires.

Fifty years of official service.

Wow. Just wow.

My Dad was a drummer for roughly 50 years.

Both men, devoted to their passion.

Will we be devoted to anything for five decades?

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