Fly 900 miles for a movie

Cheryl and jeff noel
We travel together a fair amount. The trip tomorrow is just me traveling.

Fly 900 miles for a movie?




Disney/Pixar’s Onward debuts in two days.

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We see what we want to see

Miel High Stadium
Ground level view.


Denver wild flowers


Denver wild flowers


Denver Church


Man outside Denver Church


You can see many things covering 8.5 miles in any city. One of the most poignant was the man in the bottom photo.

Is he simply resting on the randomly chosen Church steps?

Or is he at the end of his proverbial rope, hoping that God will come into his life?

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He looked like Jesus on the Cross as he lie in bed

jeff noel quote
(photo and art: Pati Hyun. Quote from Jack’s son.)


Many of us for various reasons don’t see our parents much. In the 20 years from my 21st birthday to the 41st, i rarely saw my Dad.

On April 10, 2001, Jack Noel took his final breath.

It was somewhere around 1:18am at the York Country Hospital and Home.

It was Good Friday.

He looked like Jesus on the Cross as he lie in bed.

How do i know?

Because God provided the extraordinary opportunity to be there in person.

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Disney instinct closely resembles authenticity

Disney Customer Service Speakers
Photo: Marcello de Moraes Martins, 2013


Young Disney World Guest
Photo: Marcello de Moraes Martins, 2013


Disney Customer Service Speakers
Photo: Marcello de Moraes Martins, 2013


Magic Moments are relatively unremarkable to the giver.

Flipping through Super Bowl photos stumbled upon a Magic Moment caught (unknowingly) by a Disney Institute participant.

We were walking down the hall and a young Guest asked for one of the pins on the Disney Cast Member’s lanyard. Pin trading requires a one-for-one trade. This little boy had none.

Disney’s Standard Operating Guideline leaves room for Cast judgement. Knowing the boy’s Father was watching how this would be handled, without hesitation, the boy was allowed to take his pick.

Quietly and briefly, the Cast Member let the Dad know how it officially works so he wouldn’t be disappointed down the road.

Never knew Marcello caught it on film.

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How many of our days are we living “for real”?

Map My Run mile splits
Screen shot from yesterday’s run.


Anything is possible to those who believe. Right?

Knowing this is one thing. But knowing is different than doing. Without doing, it’s closer to being imaginary.

Doing it is different – it becomes real.

How many of our days are we living “for real”?

Does this apply to exercise? Should it?

First four miles of intentional negative splits (each gets faster than the one before).

Next, three miles of settling into a comfortable pace, not knowing how far the run will be.

Notice mile eight was significantly faster than all the other miles.

Haven’t run eight miles in 30+ years.

Ran a cool down ninth mile and then walked nearly two more miles to return to the car.

In your service to others, don’t forget to serve yourself.

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