It’s easy to forget that Disney is run by normal human beings

Disney Epcot hidden Mickey
A favorite hidden Mickey after lunch yesterday.


It’s easy to forget that normal human beings run Disney. The type of human beings found everywhere. Human beings who like to work hard and play hard. Try to find an organization where this isn’t true. Disney is no different.

Walt said that what we do is very serious business, but we should never take ourselves too seriously.

Business executives who admire Disney and wish to create their own brand of consumer Magic can find hope in the fact that it’s not the Magic that makes it work, it’s the hard work that makes it Magic.

Disney over manages details others either under manage or ignore completely.




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Three reasons not calling home is important and empowering

Log of first Robin's song each winter in Florida
Robins fly south for the winter, heard the first Robin yesterday


Three reasons why not calling home Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important and empowering things for your self-esteem:

1. You realize when the phone doesn’t ring, it’s because no one called.

2. You realize that everyone in the world with a job is busy, especially on Thanksgiving Day.

3. You have an epiphany you wouldn’t have had if you had called.

The holiday epiphany reveals that each person is absolutely as capable and responsible to call as you.

And as a bonus, you understand that whatever your Family circumstances are, everyone may actually be okay with them.

Bottomline: when the phone doesn’t ring on either end, no one needs to feel guilt. Liberating discovery.

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