The gateway to hell

High School Safety Assembly
Yesterday morning 8:30 – 9:30am in the Gym.


High School Safety Assembly
True story.


High School Safety Assembly
The last bullet point is the issue.


High School Safety Assembly
The media, and the law, send mixed messages. Alcohol is also legal.


High School Safety Assembly
It will never happen to me. I’m immune from peer pressure.


High School Safety Assembly
Ninth, 10th, and 11th graders, plus faculty, staff, and maybe 10 parents.


High School Safety Assembly
One poor choice. We can control our actions, but we cannot control the consequences.


Alcohol and weed are the gateway to hell.

Yesterday’s High School assembly (parents invited) was led by Orlando Firefighter and paramedic Pat Kelly.

Homecoming weekend is two days away.

Praying we don’t lose a student(s) to poor choices.




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A tree does not grow overnight

Inside view of Allen's Creamery in Windermere, FL


(photo: A 55-year old Master’s athlete and a 13-year old just beginning to explore exercise)

It was 6.3 miles one way. After cooling down, we ate a small breakfast, visited the Windermere Library for old times sake, and then began a challenging ride home.

Later that evening, the Mom told the dad, “It’s really great that you are doing this with him”.

What began softly and quietly a few months prior (for a NYC school trip with lots of walking), is continuing.

A tree does not grow overnight. But it does grow.

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