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Does Your Workplace Feel Like A Zoo?
Does Your Workplace Feel Like A Zoo?

Today is particularly focused on all of you challenged at work. How many of you have an organizational culture that leaves you struggling to feel fully alive and thriving?

As a professional speaker and an avid blogger, I see and hear more than most. There is a universal epidemic inside virtually every organization. The epidemic has two symptoms: fear and uncertainty.

Courage and moral integrity are on the run.

Please pray for anyone struggling at work, for any reason, it doesn’t matter. And when I say pray, what’s really being suggested today, is that you pray so deliberately that it nearly brings you to tears.

Why? Because there are way too many who desperately need it.

Pray Without Ceasing

Life is hard for many people this time of year. Add to that unprecedented times, and we have an overwhelming number of people who are struggling in one way or another right now.

And I mean struggling at a greater intensity than many generations can recall.

It sure seems that way to me.

Can you imagine being Tiger Woods right now, or President Obama, or even the Pope?

Can you imagine being the average American who can no longer put food on the table, when a year ago they could quite easily?

I worry about a lot more than I used to. So, now more than ever, the phrase, “Pray without ceasing“, has a special meaning.

And also a special obligation.