Tenderness Revolution



This TED Talk featuring our Pope is offered here for posterity.

He invests 17 minutes on three points.

Making the world a better and more tender place starts with only one person.

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Is God afraid of new ideas?

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Remember the civil rights struggles that some people died for? Looking back, how could we have been so blind?


God is not afraid of new ideas.

There are plenty in front of the world these days.

Thank you Pope Francis for speaking without fear.

Someday, gay marriage will not be an issue.

Someday, maybe, we will no longer need soldiers.




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Pope Francis 2015 World Resolution suggestions

The American Dream


(photo: Random American Family gathering during the Holidays, January 4, 2015, yesterday.)

Pope Francis offering resolutions for our world family (copied from an email):


Take care of your spiritual life, your relationship with God, because this is the backbone of everything we do and everything we are.

Take care of your family life, giving your children and loved ones not just money, but most of all your time, attention and love.

Be careful how you speak, purify your tongue of offensive words, vulgarity and worldly decadence.

Take care of your relationships with others, transforming your faith into life and your words into good works, especially on behalf of the needy.

Heal wounds of the heart with the oil of forgiveness, forgiving those who have hurt us and medicating the wounds we have caused others.

Look after your work, doing it with enthusiasm, humility, competence, passion and with a spirit that knows how to thank the Lord.

Be careful of envy, lust, hatred and negative feelings that devour our interior peace and transform us into destroyed and destructive people.

Watch out for anger that can lead to vengeance; for laziness that leads to existential euthanasia; for pointing the finger at others, which leads to pride; and for complaining continually, which leads to desperation.

Take care of brothers and sisters who are weaker … the elderly, the sick, the hungry, the homeless and strangers, because we will be judged on this.

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Shepherd of our soul

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(photo: Christmas concert)

Some pound their chest. Others simply smile and walk in Peace.

The joy of knowing one is loved by God and saved by Christ must be seen at least in a sense of peace, if not a smile. – Pope Francis

Constant joy, in spite of the world’s fighting, is possible. But it’s an inside job. One we would die for.

Live your life so that if anyone ever said anything bad about you, no one would believe it. – jn

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Pray Without Ceasing

Life is hard for many people this time of year. Add to that unprecedented times, and we have an overwhelming number of people who are struggling in one way or another right now.

And I mean struggling at a greater intensity than many generations can recall.

It sure seems that way to me.

Can you imagine being Tiger Woods right now, or President Obama, or even the Pope?

Can you imagine being the average American who can no longer put food on the table, when a year ago they could quite easily?

I worry about a lot more than I used to. So, now more than ever, the phrase, “Pray without ceasing“, has a special meaning.

And also a special obligation.