When do we stop playing with rocks?

kids playing with rocks
Walking home from the gym i noticed two cups filled with rocks. Children where playing with rocks.


kids playing with rocks
Kids playing with rocks (or sand, dirt, sticks, sea shells, etc) is one of the oldest ways children could use their imaginations.


kids playing with rocks
As i walked another 30-40 feet past the cups, i turned and captured one last photo, inspired by the dilapidated basketball net.


When do we stop playing with rocks?

Maybe 2nd or 3rd grade?



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If Christmas Is About Getting Stuff, What Does He Think?

Cooper Only Wants One Thing For Christmas

Through oceans of commercial media, most kids are taught that Christmas means getting presents. Tell Santa you were good, and what you want, and Santa will do his best to accomodate. But take a dog. What does a dog want? Only one thing. The real meaning of Christmas, Love (Joy). Teachers are everywhere. Some of them rest at our feet.

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So Real It’s Almost

Always Hungry?
Always Hungry?

Human’s get hungry several times each day. No brainer, right?

We are always needing to feed ourselves.

Enter the rat race and insanely busy schedules. Enter fast food establishments. Enter television.

The other day I saw a Burger King commercial, touting the toys in the kid’s meal packages.

The kids commented on the furry animal toys which are the current give-away.

“So real, it’s almost, real.”

Unexplainably, I immediately thought about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – about Faith.

So real, it’s almost, real.