We are too fragile to have the wisdom or strength

Sanibel Island Beach Sunflower


(photo: This flower is the first sign experienced after Cooper’s death. It is bowing a bit, in reverence of the pain.)

We can not lean on our own understanding.

We are too fragile to have the wisdom or strength.

So we lean on the mysteries of Faith (and Hope, and Love).

And by lean, we mean surrender.


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Happy New Year 2014… the mystery of Faith?

Inflatable snowman at night on pool deck
And there appeared to them a vision…


Happy New Year 2014… the mystery of Faith?


The mystery of Faith.

Many of us will never be able to accept the fact that our spirit is the most powerful force on the planet.

It will always be like this.


Because there will always be lightness and darkness, love and hate.

Contrasts, opposites, paradox – these things are blessings lessons to teach us.

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So Real It’s Almost

Always Hungry?
Always Hungry?

Human’s get hungry several times each day. No brainer, right?

We are always needing to feed ourselves.

Enter the rat race and insanely busy schedules. Enter fast food establishments. Enter television.

The other day I saw a Burger King commercial, touting the toys in the kid’s meal packages.

The kids commented on the furry animal toys which are the current give-away.

“So real, it’s almost, real.”

Unexplainably, I immediately thought about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – about Faith.

So real, it’s almost, real.