Footer videos

Powerful, dramatic testimony in a song…

Justin reveals new song to inner circle.

The public song reveal…the official video. So enthusiastic. So contagious.

These three videos have been removed from this blog’s footer section.


The upgrade from WordPress Twenty Twenty-One theme to Twenty Twenty-Two.

But why?

Historically, seamless theme upgrades where a click away. Now, this upgrade is beyond my experience level. Once my experience catches up, i might resume footer videos.

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Fix your eyes


(video: The story behind For King and Country’s song, Fix My Eyes)

Who are we?

What do we stand for?

Good questions most of us wouldn’t be able to articulate very well – right now.

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Is the Crown of our Continent disappearing?

Heaven on Earth. The Crown of the Continent. And it’s disappearing.

Begging the question, “Who cares?”

The analogy we might be drawn to is this – could our biggest dreams be the crown of our life?

And if our greatest dreams disappeared, would anyone care?



The video is 50+ minutes long. Not expecting anyone to watch it.

Then why include it?

Because it’s inspiring.

And someone will watch it.

And they’ll be grateful it was found, and offered.

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