GNP Day 3, spiritually

7-second video: walking to room. 
2-second video: front porch.
4-second video: Stayed in room 20 on my first visit in 2019.
Mountain chalet room
Corner room with two sets of windows.
6-second video: yes indeed, rain turned to sleet. 
5-second video: Second video to verify sleet, or maybe ‘snow pellets’.

Enjoy the journey, not the destination.


We do not stay here to enjoy the Chalet. We stay here as a jumping off point for spectacular hikes. Hikes otherwise unachievable for an out and back day trip. 

Note: You could do these hikes in one day but even active people would pay a high physical price. Joy – and presence – gets removed from pushing to do too much in too little time. The destination becomes the goal because you must get there so you can turn around and get back to civilization.

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