GNP Day 4, spiritually

Small café
No assigned seats nor meal period for breakfast. Opens at 7:00am. First come, first served.
Mountain chalet
At 6,600’ Beargrass is just starting to bloom. At Lake McDonald (3,200’) Beargrass peaked a month ago and there are no more blooms there.
Mountain chalet
Your 2022 Pixar/Glacier photo-bombers.
Breakfast order
Happy hiking indeed. It’s all downhill (or flat) from here.
Breakfast order
Go the extra inch, even when you’re the customer.
10-second video: Beargrass blooms later as the elevation increases.
Horse tracks On a muddy trail
As the horseback tour group of 10 rode by, i said to the lead wrangler (and loud enough for others to hear), “Take only photos, leave only awesome. There’s nothing but awesome ahead.” Spontaneous thought…and i love it.

Take only pictures, leave only awesome. 


Take only pictures, leave only awesome. There’s nothing but awesome ahead.

They had another three mile horseback ride to the Chalet. Plenty of awesome to make special memories on a magical outdoor experience.

Note: Always and instinctively going the extra inch, quickly thought of something to make the group smile.

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