Being Authentic Is It’s Own Reward

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One of the crazy rewards for being a prolific blogger with unwavering commitment to higher purpose goals is the simple fact that you can not help another without helping yourself. So, scanning photos for October’s posts, I came across this one. A sewer hole cover at a Walt Disney World Theme Park.

It also happens to be my website header image at jungle jeff, a leadership excellence blog. Being authentic is it’s own reward.

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Authenticity Is Based On A Simple Set Of Core Values. Keep Them Close To Your Heart

Authenticity Is Based On A Simple Set Of Core Values.

Authenticity is based on a simple set of core values. Keep them close to your heart. They are faith-based values, American working class values. They are not complex. They are not exclusively owned. But they are non-negotiable.

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Authenticity Often Seems Fake

Some people are hard to read

Some super heros are only in it for fame and glory. True, they help others, but deep down, if it wasn’t for the glory and the endorsements, they’d be villains.

My advice, keep moving forward with your abundant joy. There will always be villains (the devil). Be prepared for battle at any time. Use loving kindness as your only weapon.

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