Get carried away

Glacier National Park
GNP. Storm is brewing, as expected.

Men who never get carried away should be.

Malcolm Forbes

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Karma at the drive-through

Thank you note card
Never told my lunch partner about writing 7 Disney Business books in 1 year. But Donna knew i had reached Day 183.


Was expecting a call when the phone rang at the Chick-fil-A drive-thru lane.

The person calling wasn’t who i was expecting, which in this case, was even better.

He was in his car and i was in mine.

A random, important, and spontaneous call.

The odds of us being far apart were literally a guarantee.

Our vehicles were 200 meters apart.

We met, we talked, on the spot, no waiting, no coordinating schedules, just boom.


Being asked about career-altering advice is a huge responsibility and huge honor.

Paying it back or paying it forward, it’s an opportunity to do unto others as others have graciously and generously done unto me.

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This website is about our SPIRIT. To enjoy today’s post about our WORK, click here.


If we are not careful, this will define us

Palm tree view from bedroom window


(photo: Fall has arrived to Orlando and Walt Disney World… windows open for first time since March)

How easy is it for our work to define us?

The process of cleaning things off the Disney MacBook has been cathartic.

Will turn the laptop in the same way it was issued – a blank canvas just waiting to be used.

Deleting emails, files, documents, photos…

Just when we think we are self aware, we learn something astonishingly new and important.

If we are not careful, work can define us.

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Too or two?

Walt Disney World Swan Resort
Praying for many things, including career aspirations


Too much to think about?

Two big decisions?

When we reach a certain age, a previously unavailable life option suddenly becomes an official option for the first time.

Ever pray for weird, sort of only ‘happens-once-in-a-lifetime’ type of prayers?

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