Three more trips around the sun please

Sanibel sunset
1095 more of these please, you know, before i die.


Sanibel sunset
The many faces of the 365 evenings it takes to make one circle around our Sun.


Sanibel palm trees
And let’s not forget about the mornings.


Sanibel sunset


Sanibel sunset


Sanibel sunset
1092…tick tock…


Three more trips around the sun please.

See a Senior graduate High School.

Do as much good, to as many people, as often as possible,.

Love my wife and Family like i mean it.

Reach the milestone 60th birthday.

Anything after that would be bonus time.

The last three sentences here (from today’s MLC post) are serendipitous.




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Happy birthday to me…

Mid Life Celebration business address
Spam is unwanted messaging. Junk mail is spam. Like yesterday’s mail.


Happy birthday to me…

Today is the 56th anniversary of my birth.

Four more years, God willing, to accomplish everything i want to do in life.

What’s your deadline?

You do have one, right?

Of course i know no one knows.

But that’s just an excuse for not living with focus and discipline.

This message isn’t spam, even if it feels unwanted.

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What happens when we do the polar opposite of what we feel like doing?

Disney checkers game
What strategy works best depends on what the other person does.


Torn between saying something (like a concern or complaint) or ordering flowers. It should take 10-15 days he said. Today is day 22. Way past due.

Asked politely for an update on the 16th day.

No response back. Nothing.

Complaining is a drag.

For everyone.

What happens when we do the polar opposite of what we feel like doing (i.e. complaining)?

Does it become a joy for everyone?

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What do we pray for when we have 31 days until the deadline?

pray for wisdom
pray for wisdom


What do we pray for when we have 31 days until the deadline? Good morning December 1, 2012. Only 31 days until 2013. Another brand new year.

The paradox of time. We are impatient. We want to savor life.

It will be sweet to write the final mortgage payment in 12 months. Can’t wait.

And yet, our Son is only 12 once. I don’t want that to fly by.

I pray for wisdom, patience, presence.

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