He thinks it’s easy, based on the way i explain it

Disney Creativity Keynote Speakers
Another client communication photo. This one to a non-profit near Manhattan.


Disneyland Service Magic Speaker
My route ended at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort.


He thinks it’s easy, based on the way i explain it. So i need to find a better way to explain it.


Because it is anything but easy.

Simple, yes.

Easy? Not in a million years.

But the opportunities are dramatically better with hard work and perseverance.

Among the few sounds bites to re-explain it, i reminded him it took seven years before i made my first dime.





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She couldn’t answer the question

Magic Kingdom Halloween decorations


Should every adult over 40 have a ready answer?

What’s at the center of your emotional, spiritual core?

Not a trick question, and not a question with only one correct answer. There are many diverse ways to manifest this.

Are you old enough to have had more than enough time to decide for yourself?

You don’t have to decide, you’re an adult.

But why wouldn’t you?

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If Life Were Easy

It was a Christmas light (at a Kobe Steakhouse), but I shortened it.

If life were easy, I’m convinced we’d be miserable because we would never know the joy of self discipline, hard work and never quitting.

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There’s No Way

Think Big. Start Small.
Think Big. Start Small.

As an adult, have you given any consideration to the things you want young people to remember? What if you did simple and easy habits or rituals that would leave an indelible impression on children?

Habits that help teach and shape their young lives and become memories they never forget.

Why? Because this is how we turn the world around.

How? Keep it simple, but profound.

And because your habits and rituals are ridiculously simple to do, and so easy to do, that the only excuse for not doing them is not caring. And how could you not care?

Please consider passing on this concept of care to the next generation. It may be the only hope our planet has.

And it starts with you.