Do You Mind?

Busy-ness Is Distracting
Busy-ness Is Distracting

Being on the road for five days this week was rewarding and taxing. Unless you do this frequently, it may be challenging to understand, but I hope you do, because it’s the challenging part I want to relate to you.

We are all faced with daily challenges. One person’s small challenge is another’s big challenge.

This will seem small in comparison to life-threatening issues, but herein lies a secret.

Being crazy-busy does not give us an excuse to be unfaithful.

So in picking up our son, late yesterday, as we got in the car, it hit me. I had not been on my knees in prayer yet. Each morning, it’s the same:

  • Wake up
  • Bathroom
  • Kiss Cheryl and Chapin as they sleep
  • Kneel at the foot of the bed
  • Say the three most important prayers

“Do you mind if I do it now”, I asked him. “No, I don’t mind”, he said.

There’s No Way

Think Big. Start Small.
Think Big. Start Small.

As an adult, have you given any consideration to the things you want young people to remember? What if you did simple and easy habits or rituals that would leave an indelible impression on children?

Habits that help teach and shape their young lives and become memories they never forget.

Why? Because this is how we turn the world around.

How? Keep it simple, but profound.

And because your habits and rituals are ridiculously simple to do, and so easy to do, that the only excuse for not doing them is not caring. And how could you not care?

Please consider passing on this concept of care to the next generation. It may be the only hope our planet has.

And it starts with you.