Knowledge wealth

small pine tree with lights and a Disney 50th pin
Fun is panning out a bit to add context to this ‘Christmas Tree’ location.

Knowledge wealth.


Knowledge wealth is your ability to learn from vast, often random subjects. This information goldmine can become a liability as easily as an asset.

We are easily distracted, entertained, and often medicated by the internet’s ability to provide instant gratification.

Our best plan/hope requires focus and discipline.

Let me say that again because we are not easily wired for focus and discipline…

Our best plan/hope demands focus and discipline.

Over-focus on sifting to your life’s top priorities.

An obvious top priority is wanting to prioritize your priorities.

The downside to being focused and disciplined – and ‘knowledge rich’ – is that you may outgrow some relationships.


Because being focused and disciplined with prioritized priorities is too much for most to bear.

Be mindful of this new frontier.

Let your prioritized priorities help you navigate wisely.

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You should know this by now

Disney Customer Service Speaker
What a wonderful sentiment.


You should know this by now – you are one of the most important people in my life.


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It becomes crystal clear decades later

neighborhood reunion
Last night in my childhood home. Neighbors two doors down, where all my formative summers were spent.


The value of lifelong relationships isn’t fully realized until decades later.

Then it becomes crystal clear.


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The genius of a business lunch

Golf tournament line up
We had lunch at the Hyatt Grand Cypress Golf Clubhouse.


The business lunch was invented to provide an opportunity for at least two people to get to know each other better and to feel out the situation to make an informed decision about moving forward in some form of mutual advantageous business exchange.

The key outcome is relationship building.

And the key outcome from that is growing your business.

Breaking bread together, as it were, is one of the most fundamental ways to accomplish this.

Note: i knew this at Disney but never practiced it (because i wanted to have a life outside of work) because i thought that simply being excellent was enough. Turns out, it’s not.





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Our spiritual wellness has massive ripple effects into our mind and body

airport newsstand magazine headline
Most world changing ideas are blinding flashes of the obvious


Our spiritual wellness has massive ripple effects into our mind and body. This is such a blinding flash of the obvious. Yet we act on it ignorantly.

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