Funny Christmas wall plaque
On the hallway wall between the Senior Housing facility and the Nursing home.



The transformational power of forgiveness is the greatest defense against living a life with a victim mentality.

Here’s a quick and simple test: Right this very second, are you absolutely 100% in agreement, or are you catching yourself filtering and finding exceptions and conditions?

If it was the first, peace is upon you. If it is the second, you’re thinking is holding you back.

How do i know?

i only preach what i practice.





On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.


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Two majorly minor changes in 2015

Magic Kingdom Castle improvements


Magic Kingdom Castle improvements


With all the humility i can muster, 2015 netted two major changes:

  1. Stopped drinking coffee and diet coke January 4
  2. Go to bed with zero emails in my inbox, sent folder, and trash folder, Since July 4

These two relatively minor changes have had a disproportionately positive change on my spirit – it has dramatically lightened the daily load i was carrying.

Carrying a light load is blissful.

The first change was unplanned and the catalyst was a two-week Christmas vacation that interrupted my daily routine.

The second change was only to last temporarily while spending a week at the beach.




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Everyone waits until New Year’s day to resolve

Houston Museum of natural History


(photo: Never caught the ‘OWN IT’ until this morning… perfect sentiment… simply perfect… what a delightfully simple gift)

Although it’s September 22, 2014 as this is typed, this post goes live December 31.

So cool surreal to be in two moments simultaneously.

December 31, 2001 was Mid Life Celebration’s founder’s first non-drinking day in three decades.

He decided on his third (the first two failed) serious try to quit, he’d go big or go home.

Everyone waits until New Year’s day to resolve.

He couldn’t wait, there was too much at stake.

Who quits drinking on the biggest drinking day of the year?

A zealot?

Pretty much.

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Is This Your Year?

Is this your year to do something great?

Hope so.

It sure has been a great year of blogging. The blogging has been inspired by the realization that the clock is ticking.

If this hasn’t been “your year”, why not? What needs to change? What is the missing link?

If we knew this, maybe we’d be acting on it already. Not necessarily. For example, I know what I need to do. But doing it is the hard part.

New Year’s resolutions. They hardly ever work. So start making plans to do it differently. Start now. Today. Seriously.