Everyone waits until New Year’s day to resolve

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(photo: Never caught the ‘OWN IT’ until this morning… perfect sentiment… simply perfect… what a delightfully simple gift)

Although it’s September 22, 2014 as this is typed, this post goes live December 31.

So cool surreal to be in two moments simultaneously.

December 31, 2001 was Mid Life Celebration’s founder’s first non-drinking day in three decades.

He decided on his third (the first two failed) serious try to quit, he’d go big or go home.

Everyone waits until New Year’s day to resolve.

He couldn’t wait, there was too much at stake.

Who quits drinking on the biggest drinking day of the year?

A zealot?

Pretty much.

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I’ll drink to “You’re gonna miss this”

Last night on the radio driving home from school, back to back songs that provided a HUGE pause-and-reflect moment…

All those things we complain about, and want to hurry to leave behind… we’re gonna miss them..



All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand… used to could…



One thing I will not miss? Having a drink in my hand (all the time).

Sure, I’ve missed it. My last drink was December 30, 2001. New Years Eve 2001 was dry, dry, dry.

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I’m Drinking Again

College Friend Visited A Few Days Ago
College Friend Visited A Few Days Ago

Drinking everyday actually. However, this drinking is a good drinking.

Drinking in the small, daily moments of joy.

They are often fleeting moments. Often unnoticed moments.

Do you catch a handful of these? Everyday, I mean?