I’ll drink to “You’re gonna miss this”

Last night on the radio driving home from school, back to back songs that provided a HUGE pause-and-reflect moment…

All those things we complain about, and want to hurry to leave behind… we’re gonna miss them..



All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand… used to could…



One thing I will not miss? Having a drink in my hand (all the time).

Sure, I’ve missed it. My last drink was December 30, 2001. New Years Eve 2001 was dry, dry, dry.

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You May Be The Only Jesus

And Some Are Watch All Day, Everyday!
And Some Are Watching All Day, Everyday!

How often do you catch yourself being a hypocrite?

Probably rarely happens.

How often do others catch you?

Probably all the time.

My theory is this, if you don’t spend a lot of time with self-reflection, you are probably sending the wrong message.

A hard pill to swallow, but go ahead and try to tell me this is a lie.

What’s on the line, every minute of every day is simply this: You may be the only Jesus people see.

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Will You Find Time Today?

How Insightful Do We Need To Be?
How Insightful Do We Need To Be?

Will you find time, today, to give thanks, and count your blessings?

If not today, when?

Got up at 4AM (almost an hour ago) in order to carve out time to think and write.

It will be a productive, exciting and long day, just like yours.

Much of what happens today will be driven by the mission work I do as a transformational speaker.

Here’s What Passion Can Look Like

Can A Mailbox Convey Passion?
Can A Mailbox Convey Passion?

Passion looks different to different people. Same with just about everything. It’s up for individual interpretation.

I guess so.

Yet in some things, there are people who just ooze passion, and they don’t even know it.

Like this middle-aged, elementary school teacher.

Passion For Palm Trees?
Passion For Palm Trees?