What if I don’t know my purpose?

pray hard and constant for discernment

What did I suggest yesterday? You do what you need to do. But I couldn’t rest until I was convinced of my life’s purpose. The two most important days in our life are the day we’re born, and the day we figure out why. Don’t rest until that 2nd day comes.

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Can there be more than one life purpose?

your life's purpose may be to build bridges, between Family members

Can there be more than one life purpose? I say yes. For instance, your life purpose may be to figure out your life’s purpose. Don’t underestimate that there’s a process to arrive at your life changing revelation. And I’d recommend not resting until you discover it.

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Pray For The Patience, Wisdom And Drive To Discover Our Unique Purpose

A routine walk to my car on a bright, sunny day reveals a rearview mirror and an almost hidden steering wheel.
Stunning simplicity.

God has made each of us wonderfully unique and special, with a gift only we can contribute to the world. Part of God’s plan is to help us discover joy in the journey and humility in the discovery.

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Are Life’s Big Choices And Life’s Big Decisions Different From One Another?

Of course jeff noel opened each door to see

In order to simplify teaching my son life’s basics, Life’s Big Choices are what Midlife Celebration has categorized as the five big areas requiring great focus, energy and commitment.

Within each category are many decisions. Take our mental responsibility for example: Who will we hang out with? Will we curse, gossip, lie? What will we read? What will we watch? How will we train ourselves to react to life’s never-ending challenges? Will we find the good, or the bad, in every situation? Will we become positive or negative? And so on…

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