God is always one heartbeat, one single breath, away

Orlando Based Inspirational Speakers


(photo: There is one public Bible at Walt Disney World… can you tell from the photo where?)

They arrested the teen, the mom, and will probably arrest the dad.

A massive Police conversion on the 4,500 square foot mansion on the lake.


Praying this good Family can recover and move forward in an entirely different way.

God is the only way for this to be even remotely possible.

They will never feel close to God until they accept personal responsibility for moving away.

God is always one heartbeat, one single breath, away.


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Fall Is Finally Here

Fall. Back to school. Cooler temperatures. Colorful leaves. Pumpkins. Halloween. Sweaters. Swimming pools “closed for the season”.

Growing up in south-central Pennsylvania, these are the memories of Fall. An exciting time marked by dramatic changes from Summer.

Well, in central Florida, these changes from Summer to Fall are much less distinct. In fact, they are almost invisible.

Attempting to share some of our history and traditions with our son (9), a native Floridian, I had to find small ways to tell big stories.

So, the first night the temperature starts with a six instead of a seven, well, that’s when I officially declare Fall has arrived. We haven’t seen a day or night temperature below 70 since April, until today.

As we go through our busy lives, it’s these little things that make life more interesting, more “alive”, for me.

Do you have small ways to tell big stories? Want to share any here? Please feel free. But I’ll completely understand if you’re too busy.