Peace with who you are, content with what you have

expectations gap and unhappiness
Expectations gap and unhappiness – first example. Our imagination (hopeful expectations) is greater than our reality (actual outcomes).


expectations gap and unhappiness
expectations gap and unhappiness



Dying well is directly proportional to our ability to accomplish two simple concepts.

To accomplish these two soon enough in our life so that we can live the rest of our life carrying peace and contentment everywhere we go.

  1. Peace with who you are
  2. Content with what you have

Managing our expectations begins by creating our big picture expectation – what we can refer to as our “vision”.


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So Sad It’s Friday

No, I’m not sad it’s Friday. I’m incredibly grateful it’s Friday.

It’s been an interesting week. Spent five full days “on the road”. Portland, Eugene, University of Oregon, Hayward Field, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree National Park.

The incredible folks at Delta Airlines treated me like royalty. Had two long travel days, an 18-hour day and a 12-hour day.

Was humbled by my inability to manage time better than planned.

There are always things that will happen that cannot be foreseen. They almost always happen. Why is it so difficult to accept this?

Whether it’s a trip or daily life, I must learn to plan for the unexpected. Common sense, just not common practice.

Looks like we’ll all have our work cut out for us today. Good luck.