There’s a point to waiting

Nick Vujicic near Disney World
L to R: jeff, Ester, John, Nick at Axum Coffee in Winter Garden, FL


Nick Vujicic near Disney World
Far left: Invited friend, Betsy, to join in the selfie.


There’s a point to waiting. Usually it’s to teach us not to.

What the heck were the odds?


But it happened anyway.

There’s Nick Vujicic, in downtown Winter Garden, sitting a meter away.

A personal hero because he inspires the world in spite of his physical limitations – no legs, no arms, since birth.

How do you take a once-in-a-lifetime chance encounter and make it memorable and enjoyable so you don’t regret later not doing anything?


Just do it. And make it fun and sincere.

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If you don’t get a miracle – be one. -Nick Vujicic

Wednesday. Hump day. Busy day. Busy week. Busy life. It can wear a person thin. Too thin. Too often. Sometimes, hope seems tiny…

There’s not a person immune from this. None. Zip. Zilch. Zeeee-row.

I know we’re are busy, which is exactly why this 6.5 minute video is something we can’t possibly have time for.

Unless we desperately need to feel a seed of hope.


Praying for the world everyday. And today, especially for you, reading this right now.

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We Can Change The World! Right?

Funny thing the way life works in our lives. As a fairly obsessive, compulsive person, I am trying to become less focused, less driven, and what this does it seems, is create more focus, better focus. It comes to me. Messages of Hope. I don’t even go looking for them. Here’s one from an hour ago:

After we nourish our souls, let’s give due diligence to our contribution to society – our J.O.B., which is all I talk about at the…..

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