It’s Been Fun

It’s been fun writing March’s jeff noel Blog Whisperer posts. As the 2 year prolific blogger milestone approaches on April Fool’s Day, I can honestly say the future is uncertain.

It’s been humbly rewarding to give my best away for free. Yet this is the year Mid Life Celebration LLC generates a profit, or the IRS will have questions.

There are still nine great months ahead. Thoughts and prayers to you as you press on with your 2011 dream.

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When You Act This Way

Age 5 (2005) – along with Dad for Lector practice…

Dear Son, when you use your Faith, rock solid values, creativity, survival skills and a win-win attitude, you can march confidently in the direction of your dreams.

There is a peace that knows no understanding when you act as a Godly man, and at the same time, a manly man.

The humility of the last in line with the power and strength of undeniable fairness.

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Orlando Motivational Speakers

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…Ali…

Are you willing to put yourself out there and do what it takes?

When it comes to Orlando Motivational Speakers, what does Google show? There is a delicate, and foggy balance between humility and evangelization.

Jesus, Peter, Paul, John, Moses, Abraham, David and all the others had to get their name, their message out there.

They had to. There was no other way. There still is no other way.

Google, please accept this entry, jeff noel Orlando Motivational Speakers, as a search engine deposit. Thank you.

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