Do You Ever Wish Your Religious Center Thanked You More For Your Time, Talent and Treasure?

Last week in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, home of Acadia University and this Loonies & Toonies store (dollar store).

Look! The religious volunteers, they’re breathing! Ever feel as long as you fog the mirror, you’ve got the job?

Do you ever wish the good folks at your Religious Center paid more attention to you and thanked you more often for your gifts of time, talent and treasure?

Sometimes I feel like no one notices.

And then. And then I worry (panic) that our Pastors feel the same way.

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Put Up Or Shut Up

Sure, your life is busy. Duh, everyone’s life is busy. Your support encourages me to keep going. Hope the support you find here encourages you to keep going.

If you visit all five blogs, do you see the interconnectedness? If you don’t visit all 5, what would it hurt to try? If you tried it and it took too long, considered a second chance.

If you tried and you didn’t like it, sorry, and good luck.

March is put up or shut up month.

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Lent Began Yesterday

Lent brought out the paparazzi yesterday. Mostly because of the Cub Scout banquet…

Lent, beginning yesterday. The next 40 days are an historically symbolic way to prepare for and appreciate – what ought to begin with every day our eyes open from sleep.

It sure would if we were dying.

But alas, we drift through so many years, it could almost go unnoticed.

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