What’s a party without sugar?

What’s a party without sugar?

To think i could attend any social gathering and not drink alcolhol would have been ridiculous to think about pre-2000.

To think i could attend a party without sugary treats would also be ridiculous, but not until seven months ago.

What if a grandparent-type intentionally taught you about poor food and beverage choices, about habits and addiction, and about peer pressure and the alternative, non-conformity?

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You’ve got to be kidding, right?

funny restaurant sign
From lemons, lemonade. Photo: Trip to Tehachapi, CA.


Our job is not to try to be a likable Christian (or whatever your belief centers on). Our job is to become so authentic that our light, our spirit, our goodness, our joy, our hope, our faith, and foremost, our love, becomes humbly, yet unquenchably, attractive to the doubter.

The first doubter is ourself, by the way. And because it’s so insidiously common to overlook, i’m reminding you (and me) now.

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Are you willing to walk away?

Nautical art on Disney World restaurant wall
Columbia Harbor House art at Magic Kingdom


Authenticity definition
The quiet movement happen right now is called authenticity.


Are you willing to burn the ships, to walk away?

To walk away from trying to conform to what you think the world, your Family, your spouse, etc. wants from you?

There is a quiet movement underway.

It’s called authenticity.

See photo above and do a quick personal inventory and give yourself grade.

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So full of belief and assurance… when does the devil begin his attack?

First Holy Communion
So full of belief and assurance… when does the devil begin his attack?


A friend said she has another book idea. The conversation lasted 30 minutes. The one memorable item was when she mentioned she doesn’t know what it feels like to be homeless.

The immediate thought was that society defines homeless as someone without a roof over their head.

What about the spiritually homeless?

What’s missing isn’t a physical roof, what’s missing is a loving roof over their head.

Sure they have shelter, but they desperately yearn for reassurance and hope.

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Audacious Authenticity The Z


Audacious. Authentic. Audacious authenticity. How’s that work for you? It works really well on my end.

As a goal, I mean – audacious authenticity. Being boldly authentic. Not conforming to status quo, but rather, conforming to faith, hope and love.

Heard the song the other day by Kirk Franklin, or maybe it was Mary Mary, with a line that goes, “Can’t take my joy devil.”

That’s it, that was the right message at the right time.

In our lifetimes we probably listen to many types of music: Rock, Rap, Country, Jazz, Reggae, Pop, Classical, Christian, Oldies, Soul, R&B, etc.

Rock & Roll has always been my favorite. And then, while living out West, Country became a new love.

But today, hands down, without a doubt, Contemporary Christian is what sustains me.

To all the great folks at Central Florida’s Contemporary Christian radio station, Z88.3, or the Z, as some call it, thank you for what you do to help God’s people when they need it.

And just speaking for myself, this is every single day. Thank you.

PS. Click here to listen on your computer. The Z is currently playing 24-hour Christmas music.