I pray for the followers…the blog followers

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wearing a hat like that is a good crazy

I pray for the followers…the blog followers. I pray for everyone really. But just like in the gym and on the streets (you came here from Lane8.org right?), I’m especially tuned in to the ones on the edges.

The crazy, focused people who take time out of their busy days to follow these five daily blogs. This, well, humbles me beyond any description. Mission work. For real. ..

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Why Followers Want Passion

Why do followers want passion?

Forgive me please. A few days ago, I promised to elaborate. So here it is.

Why do followers want passion? Pardon the boldness, but isn’t it obvious?

No. Seriously. Isn’t it obvious?

Who the heck wants to follow someone who doesn’t have passion?

Think about what it is that you admire in truly great leaders.

Passion usually revolves around wanting to do something very important, but with this caveat – to do something important even better. To do more of it.

And the funny thing is, the passion is so overwhelming, that others are drawn to it beyond their control.

Moses, Paul, Peter, John, Mary. Ya with me?


What Do Followers Want?

What do followers want?

Ever thought about a question like this?

Ever think about it long enough to determine a firm answer?

Why not try it right now. Think about this question.

Tomorrow, I’ll reveal an answer and we can see how closely we think. Carpe diem. 🙂