Old emails from 2010

Epcot water pool
If this was a reflection pool (at Epcot, in 2012), what would we see in ourselves?


Removed the name of the person who commented on my Facebook conversation:

“I hope I’m wrong about this but it sounds like the exchange between you and Carl is you don’t care about what anyone else thinks…even about those who do struggle with depression or the lack of motivation everyday…all that matters is your ” happy, motivated everyday attitude and to the rest be damned”. If that be true for you both it’s a very self centered view. To be sure life is short but in part we’re here to help those who do struggle everyday. I think you need to get your “give a damn” fixed.”

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Not sure how to comment on the reflection i’m having from an eight-year od FB conversation, but this is the one thing i’m leaning on now: Let she who has not sinned, cast the first stone.

Final note: This was placed in a file in 2010 with the intent to let some time pass and then respond unemotionally. Totally forgot about it until the recent email purge (in 2018).


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The Secret

Venom that can kill, might also save lives…if we have the courage to look past the surface.

Son, the secret to life is being able to give thanks for everything. Ever since I can remember (probably college), I’ve said, “Every situation, properly perceived, is an opportunity”.

It’s quite likely that readers here feel the same way. Right readers?

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Yesterday’s answer: Well, both have been overcome. Adversity doesn’t develop character Son, it reveals it.