Not Sure I Can Do This

Cloudy Feelings?
Cloudy Feelings?

After re-reading yesterday’s post, I’m having second thoughts about whether to continue down this path.


Because it feels like it goes against being humble, and it feels very awkward.

What is driving me, compelling me, to want to share this, is so that you see that I have no special privilege or talent.

I just work really hard. Hard work is the only antidote to life’s challenges.

And even then, it’s not 100% guaranteed.

But one thing is guaranteed. If you don’t try, you will never know.

Are You Afraid?


Fear is a survival instinct. (think caveman) A gift, to keep us alive.

You get that, right? Fight or flight?

Fear is also an excuse.

“I’m afraid if I talk about it at work, socially, at the gym, with my neighbors, on the Internet, that I might ruin my chances for **insert** promotion, opportunity, relationship, readers, followers, advocates, etc.”

What the?

Exactly. An excuse.

I do not go around telling everyone I’m a Christian. In fact, I don’t tell anyone.

But I also don’t keep it a secret. In fact, I don’t keep it a secret from anyone.

I wonder if anyone else thinks like this. Actually, it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me being a Christian.

That’s when you know you are no longer afraid.