I Am A Follower, Right?

The only thing you can do in the back seat is follow, making the choice easy.

Bill Clinton (in yesterday’s headline) isn’t trying to solve all the world’s problems, just most of them. Jesus is trying to solve all the world’s problems. But He’s trying to solve them through ordinary people, not Presidents. At Church today, the Deacon talked about our role as follower.

He suggested that our laws shouldn’t drive our values, but that our values ought to drive our laws. Roe vs Wade on January 22, 1973 created a law that leaves me extraordinarily confused – a child dies for every abortion. Dies.

PS. It is January 22, 2012 as I write this. (it’s a “blog 90-days ahead experiment”), so it’s in the moment now, but on April 22 when we read this, we’ll race right on by it….and that was the Deacon’s point. A follower can not.

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Learn, Grow, Transform

The goal is to be like the role model.

It takes an instant to be a Christian.

It takes a lifetime to be like Christ.

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Yesterday’s answer: Perhaps it’s a blinding flash of the obvious. Freedom. Freedom from tyranny, persecution, secular values, selfishness.

Inebriate Me

Surely, there are jeff noel followers that are not Christian. So why risk offending them? Because, readers here embrace diversity. And what’s at the center of our individual universes is but another layer of what makes us different.

What makes us different is what unites us. All different. All the same.

Blood of Christ, inebriate me.

Within your wounds, hide me.

Body of Christ, save me.

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