Dear Son, thank you for letting me play both parts

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Walt Disney Legacy is a lifetime achievement


How much time do we spend thinking about the future, and then doing something today, based on that?

Dear Son, thank you for letting me play both parts – parent and grand parent.

Three days away from 54, many of my high school classmates have more than one grandchild.

In fact, Aunt Lori (my younger sister) has four grandchildren.

I thank God for the blessing of not missing the opportunity that may not come otherwise.

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What makes life fair, is that it’s ‘unfair’ to everyone, no exceptions…

Dad, but what about the disability that kept you and Mommy from becoming parents? What about your alcohol addiction? How fair is that Dad?

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Yesterday’s answer: No! Instead, I’m thankful you’re approaching your 11th birthday.

Disney Pixar UP

Disney Pixar Movies Are Masterpieces
Disney Pixar Movies Are Masterpieces

We watched the new Disney-Pixar movie, UP many months ago. At the time, my son and I for only the second time. My wife, her first.

In the beginning scenes, you see the life of Mr. Frederickson and his wife Ellie.

There is one scene, I knew if I looked over at Cheryl, she’d be looking over at me. Only people changed by infertility would be touched in a profound way during that scene.

The Frederickson’s couldn’t become parents.

Say It Ain’t So

Loving Servants Are We
Loving Servants Are We

Ever find yourself going through your daily motions and you get a text, email or phone call that stops you in your tracks?

Yesterday was one of those times and I’d like to ask for your help in praying for one couple in particular. They were all set to adopt a newborn child, when “a Father” suddenly appeared where there wasn’t.

This couple has struggled a long time to start a Family, like many couples do – more than most people realize. They had finally reached the end of one journey and were about to begin the next chapter in their lives – as Parents.

God has some other plan, because they are not going to be Parents this time. When will their next time be?

Let’s hope that their pain and grief at the “loss” of their first child will be overcome by an outpouring of God’s Grace, Mercy and Never Ending Love, and all of our kind and generous prayers.