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The Shepherd serves the flock, not the other way around…

With 3,600+ Mid Life Celebration, LLC blog posts – all original content, all from one person – The Blog Whisperer, jeff noel’s proof is obvious.

While Jesus was alive, do you know how many people thanked Him for all His hard work, and for giving His best away for free? The answer is sad.

It didn’t stop Him did it? Nor should it stop you or me from doing what we can to help make the world a little nicer. You in?

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Spiritual Wellness Challenge

Know where you’re headed?

Easter is approaching. Spring too. What causes your ‘fever’. Spring or the Resurrection?

With warmer weather looming, we can already predict being easily distracted from finding time to pray.

Yet this may be the best time to slow down, and contemplate the glorious miracle of Spring’s rebirth.

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Live, Before You Die

What percent never saw it coming?

Do you create little, original sayings to help you stay focused in moments of confusion?

Live, before you die!” It’s really a rallying cry I created for The Blog Whisperer.

Every morning, with God’s grace, mercy and never ending Love, we are granted another day.

Another day to bring Him glory. Another day to Live, before we die.

Take nothing for granted. Did you know this is one of 5 daily blogs I write? Every post ends with a quick link to navigate to the next, differently-themed blog.

God wants us to be successful. The next blog is about the contribution our personal leadership makes to society.

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