Beauty will rise

Purple daisies in Glacier
Hot Summer afternoon in Glacier National Park.
Purple daisies in Glacier
Cool, damp, Fall morning in Glacier National Park.

Yesterday morning’s Covid-19 update places the United States as the world’s leader in cases, surpassing China.

The two-trillion dollar bill passed.

Lots of momentum.

Growing daily.

We haven’t seen the worst of it.

The world unites.

The world triumphs.

Beauty will rise.

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Carter, 1999-2010, neck deep in Caladiums…

Officially, tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Here in Orlando, right next to Walt Disney World, it’s felt like Spring since January.

Even as I write this, birds are chirping, trees in bloom, the warm Florida sunshine baking the ground for the rebirth of caladiums, black-eyed susans, blanket flowers (State Flower), periwinkles and a host of other perennials.

The first caladium broke through the ground March 7 – this is the sign I teach Chapin to look for. What’s your first sign of Spring?

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Spiritual Wellness Challenge

Know where you’re headed?

Easter is approaching. Spring too. What causes your ‘fever’. Spring or the Resurrection?

With warmer weather looming, we can already predict being easily distracted from finding time to pray.

Yet this may be the best time to slow down, and contemplate the glorious miracle of Spring’s rebirth.

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