Final Answer? Final Post?

OK, my final answer – this is my final post for May 2009.

Duh, it’s May 31, so of course this is the final post this month.

Yes, and!

And moving forward, I’ll be posting periodically, rather than daily.

I’m now just 60 days away from Finland.

Expect some cool, inspiring, and intriguing stuff at Lane 8.

Over ten years ago, I started to get in shape by doing one push-up per day.

The first two years, I also tried to jog, but all I could do was walk.

Now here it is, one week before my 50th birthday, and I’m heading to the Master’s Track & Field World Championships in Finland, in 60 days.

I got to this level of accomplishment by applying what I teach.


Hey, I better get going. Promised myself a nap. I better get started. Carpe diem, jeff noel, aka jungle jeff 🙂

Are We A Family?

What is a Family?

What does a really good one look like? Is there such a thing?

I surely don’t have an answer. And yesterday, as I was minutes from leaving my house for the airport, I quietly wondered if I even have a clue.

The car was packed with my carry-on suitcase and small backpack. I was all set to drive to Orlando International Airport for a business trip to Niagara Falls.

“Goodbye Mom and Dad”.

My Father-In-Law started to cry after he shook my hand. He never cries. “What’s wrong”?, I asked.

Next thing I know we had a 20-minute conversation about life and the physical hardships of getting old.

They are 83 and 86, and when I get get back home today, they’ll be back in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

They’ve been visiting us for several weeks, to witness our Son’s First Holy Communion.

To make a long story short, I am challenged to know what to do, what to say or when to do it or when to say it.

Mother Theresa said something to this effect, “The way to create World Peace is to go home and Love your Family“. Humbly, jeff 🙂

Come Monday?

Come Monday, it’ll be all right. Come Monday, I’ll be holding you tight“.

Remember that song, Come Monday, by Jimmy Buffett? No worries if you don’t.

Jimmy Buffett is a master storyteller. I have every CD he’s made, except a few of his greatest hits and Live CD’s. All told, it’s like three dozen.

We are all story tellers, aren’t we?

Whether we admit it or not, we are.

I’m working really hard today, Monday, to tell a great story. You in? carpe diem, jeff 🙂

Slept with Stan Last Night

My son and I spent the night at the Orlando Science Center. We were there with our Church’s Cub Scout Pack. There were other Packs and even some Brownie “Packs” there too.

Checked in. Dinner buffet. A presentation called “KA-BOOM”!!!! Private admission to cool exhibits. But wait, there’s more.

We capped off the night with two really unique experiences. In fact, I had never done either in my fifty years.

We used two very powerful telescopes to view the Moon and Saturn.

The Moon? Astonishing to be on earth and see what we saw with our own eye.

Saturn? WOW!

Saturn last night was 857 million miles away. To say this another way, it was almost a billion miles away. Billion. Ya with me?

While it was tiny, we all knew we were looking at the real deal. Not a photo. Not a TV show. Not a DVD program. The real thing.

Saturn is about eighty times bigger than Earth, by the way.

To be able to see something soooo big, yet so far away, and it shows up as a tiny, but absolutely crystal clear image, is, well, almost indescribable.

Afterwards, we all slept in “Dino Digs“, a huge and very well done Dinosaur exhibit.

My son and I slept direclty beneath “Stan’s” enormous jaws. Stan is a T-Rex, named after the archaeologist that discovered him. What made “Stan” famous is that 70% of his bones were found; more than any other T-Rex.

We had a great time and have some great memories. In the big picture, that’s about as good as it gets. Carpe diem, jeff 🙂

Some mistakes are easier to make


We all make them. We all are “victims” of them. We can never escape that reality that we’ll continue to make more.

Maybe all we can hope for is two simple things.

1. To try to make fewer mistakes as we grow.

2. To forgive ourselves (and others) when a mistake happens.

Case in point, five minutes ago, at 6:47AM, I realized I’ve been working since 5:00Am, and forgot to kneel and pray after waking. Remember the post a few days ago where I challenged myself to start every day on my knees?

Anyway, I forgot this morning. So I simply forgave myself, walked back to the bedroom, knelt and prayed.


Our dog followed me from our office to the bedroom. With my eyes closed, I could hear him enter. I extended my hand out.

I knew he would accept it and place his muzzle on my hand. Then he nestled right up next to me.

He’s so predictable. His love is an unconditional love. My goal in life is to become the kind of person he thinks I am.

Do you have a big goal? Hope so. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂