Body and spirit are so interconnected it’s staggering, no?

Bantam Long Jumpers waiting in line to jump
Long line of Cherubs waiting patiently for the Long jump


Considering our body a temple is common sense, but not always common practice.

Body and spirit are so interconnected it’s staggering, no? At yesterday’s 21st annual Central Florida Glider’s Track meet at Lake Brantley High School, it was inspiring to see Bantam to Masters age groups competing and enjoying exercise.

Bantam’s are 8 and under, Master’s are 30 and over, grand Masters are 50 and over.

I’m a grand Master.

I prayed not to over do it. In the final three strides, I almost failed.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for watching over everyone who tries to do too much too soon.

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Not Fully Awake

Grabbed the wrong folder?
Grabbed the wrong folder?

Been awake for an hour now, but not fully, wide-eyed, awake.

Sort of a numb-awake, if that’s even a term. The kind of semi-conscious consciousness from working really hard at something and having “sore muscles” from it.

Except, these muscles aren’t physical, they’re spiritual. Ever think so much, or meditate so much that you’re mind and spirit are foggy the next day? Perhaps it’s the equivalent of a hangover, without the nausea.

So many people are struggling with so many things. It’s everywhere and affects everyone. It overwhelms me.

And I often feel guilty.

Do you ever feel similar to this?

Crazy thing is, it’s always been like this.

So it deserves more dialogue, if for no other reason than to clear some thoughts, or at the very least, grab the right folder.

Is Today The Day?

Is today the day our eyes will be opened?

Do you look around at the path you’re on? I mean every day. Day in and day out. I try really hard to.

How can we not? Unless we have no idea what our goals are.

What are your big goals?

  • Your big mental-health goals?
  • Your big physical-health goals?
  • Your big spiritual-health goals?
  • Your big financial-health goals?

Too much to think about, right?

Overwhelming, right?

It will be if we’re not careful. And that’s what motivates me.