Thank You Father Richard

Thank you Father Richard Lopez. Huh? Yes! Thank you Father Lopez.

On my connecting flight from Atlanta, home to Orlando, I had the privilege to sit next to Father Lopez.

I’m walking down the isle of the Delta aircraft, and I see a Priest. I’m secretly hoping two things:

  1. We get to sit together.
  2. He’ll have a few minutes to talk.

Well, number one came true, I was assigned to sit next to him. But, he had a thick history book, couple hundred pages to be sure, on his lap. I figured this might be a subtle tactic to find some quiet time – for a man everyone wants to talk to. “He probably never gets any rest”, I thought to myself.

Guess what, we talked the whole way. Wow, was I grateful.

He was such a wonderful man to talk with. And, above all things, I’ll remember him being an excellent listener and a generous soul – giving me his undivided attention the entire flight.

I only hope he got half as much from it that I did from him.

You never know when or where your next wonderful opportunity to learn will come from. However, I will bet one thing, it’s right around the next corner, or just down the isle.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

By jeff noel

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