Read so they want to watch

Walt Disney World Main Street at Halloween
Kinda scary to think you should be able to convey the passion of iconic Biblical figures.

Most people are conditioned to follow along in the missal while the Lector reads.


Shouldn’t the focus be on Saint Paul or Jeremiah?

Shouldn’t the reader be speaking in a way the requires no textbook?

Why not just ask everyone to (silently) read the scripture to themselves?

Try to imagine the time, place, audience, and context in which the original person said those things.

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Many authors, many books, many ways of thinking

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Many authors, many books, many ways of thinking


To go through life never reading the entire Bible seems like a missed opportunity waste if we really thought about it.

The world’s greatest wisdom in one place.

An extensive, collaborative human effort to explain why we exist besides to reproduce.

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PS. Read the new Testament first because The Old Testament challenged (bored) an easily distracted mind.

Carpe diem

Carpe diem.

My signature closing on every jeff noel, Lane 8, Mid Life Celebration, and jungle jeff blog post.

Every time.


Because last year on our son’s first grade reading log, we had to sign off on his time read and pages read. Every time I signed off, I would put a little smiley face.

I stopped doing it after a while, because I thought maybe it was childish.

Our son asked my wife, while I was away on a business trip, “Why doesn’t Daddy use smiley faces anymore”?

He noticed it. He appreciated it. He missed it.

I fixed that quickly.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂