Completely Humbled

Humbled beyond belief.

When I take stock of the many blessings all around, I am completely and utterly humbled.

At the pool last night, our eight-year old son and I were talking about what if we lost everything – all our money and our house.

I told my son, “We would still have God and Jesus”.

I continued, “Even when a person has nothing, they still have God and Jesus”.

We fairly quickly moved on to talking about the Pirate Legos he brought with him, but I love these small opportunities to reinforce what I believe – in his impressionable mind and heart.

A parent, or adult if you’re not going to be a parent, has two choices with their child.

  1. To teach important things, by design – meaning on purpose
  2. To hope that important things will reach the child by default – meaning not on purpose

It is never my intent to make anyone feel bad or guilty, (including myself) I simply feel a duty to think things through. If this stimulates helpful thinking in others, perfect.

Are you thinking now? I hope so. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

By jeff noel

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