Looking back four years to pay it forward today

from the iPhone 3 to the iPhone 5 – in the time it took to write 7k+ blog posts


Are you conscious of the time passing? Most of us aren’t? Maybe parents are as their children learn to walk, begin school, etc.

But generally, we age slowly, steadily. But rarely do we age with intent. Four years ago in 2009, only mustered three posts in March. There was no five-a-day blogging.

Today is the 1,430th day in a row blog posting five-a-day. For real.

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Completely Humbled

Humbled beyond belief.

When I take stock of the many blessings all around, I am completely and utterly humbled.

At the pool last night, our eight-year old son and I were talking about what if we lost everything – all our money and our house.

I told my son, “We would still have God and Jesus”.

I continued, “Even when a person has nothing, they still have God and Jesus”.

We fairly quickly moved on to talking about the Pirate Legos he brought with him, but I love these small opportunities to reinforce what I believe – in his impressionable mind and heart.

A parent, or adult if you’re not going to be a parent, has two choices with their child.

  1. To teach important things, by design – meaning on purpose
  2. To hope that important things will reach the child by default – meaning not on purpose

It is never my intent to make anyone feel bad or guilty, (including myself) I simply feel a duty to think things through. If this stimulates helpful thinking in others, perfect.

Are you thinking now? I hope so. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂