Preacher man, preach like lives depend on it



Inside the United States largest convention center
Inside the United States’ largest convention center


Going through our daily grind today, do we take it seriously, or simply endure it?

Preacher man, preach like lives depend on it.

So easy to get caught up in going through the motions.

So many other things on the audiences’ minds.

Unless the preaching is done in such a manner they feel compelled to listen and participate.

Are we trained to meet expectations or exceed them?

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Orlando Professional Speakers

The Orange County Convention Center, minutes from Walt Disney World, and home…

Orlando Professional Speakers enjoy a subtropical climate and world class convention facilities, like The Walt Disney World Resort and The Orange County Convention Center.

In thoughtful, humble prayer, we can look around and see opportunity where others don’t. Most people would assume world class keynote speakers need to travel the world.

What if the world traveled to them?

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No Brainer

Gotta Brain? Use It!
Gotta Brain? Use It!

Our son (9) is a great student. Most kids are. They are on a huge learning curve. It was only a few years ago that they learned how to walk, then run, and climb a tree or ride a bike. Their ability to absorb new things far exceeds our own.

Why? Not sure it even matters. What matters is that it’s true. And so?

So imagine your responsibility opportunity to teach, and shape, and mold.

After Church this past Sunday, I made a conscious effort to tell Deacon Jack what an inspirational speaker he is. He thanked me and said I helped him answer his question to himself, “Am I making a difference?”

Being nice to people is a no brainer.

And yet we rarely do it.

My New Friends Humble Me

My Other Two Friends
My Other Two Friends

We travel through life, day after day, going through the motions. This is something most humans have in common.

As I sit here in the Indianapolis airport, reflecting back on the past few days, one of the highlights was meeting Rigzin Monk, a Buddhist Monk from Nepal. We spoke for about 15 minutes.

Another highlight, was spending hours talking with a fellow professional speaker. He should be dead. He lost 175 pounds. His son has special needs. He likes to take long walks – and we took one last night.

Neither my friend nor Rigzin Monk will ever read this, but that won’t stop the humility from washing over me.

I’m Afraid of Success

I’m afraid of success. I think. Not sure exactly.

In teaching yesterday afternoon, here in St Louis, while my colleague was speaking, I had these little moments where I did a quick inventory of my life.

It went something like this.

“Am I a living example, a role model so to speak, of the concept I just spoke about”?

There’s a “thing” I have with many professional speakers – much talk, little action. I’d like to be a professional speaker with much action and little talk.

I poured myself out, giving everything I had, emotionally, to our audience yesterday. So much so, that I was nauseous after the five hour program. In the van ride back to our hotel, thought I might vomit in front of all my peers.

I took some advil, rested, found something I thought I could stomach from the room service menu, and waited. Eating enough to satisfy my hunger and long enough for the advil to work, my severe headache faded away.

While this was happening, I checked Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Apple and Earthlink email.

Came across a great You Tube video link to a Paul Coleman song. And from there, found this Brandon Health song. It’s the type of song Z88.3 plays (see July 14 post).

Here it is: Give Me Your Eyes

There are times when I feel like what I do will only matter if everything I get, I get so I can give it to someone who needs it more.

Ya with me? Think I’m crazy? Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂