Be The Bait

Thanks to one of the biggest fisher’s of men, Z Radio, for inspiring this post…

Ever find yourself in a position where you would have, decades previous, bet a million dollars it would never happen? But for some mysterious reason, there you are, bigger than life, doing what you said you wouldn’t ever or couldn’t ever do?

So there I am, this past Sunday, delivering the Homily (Sermon) to dozens of Kindergarten – 5th Grade children. The Gospel message was to follow Jesus and be fishers of men.

Be the bait. You help catch ’em, he’ll clean ’em.

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They Are Following Our Lead
They Are Following Our Lead

Do you try to make a difference in the world around you?

What difference could a dollar a day make?

There are songs that touch people’s lives at exactly the right time. In order for this to happen often, radio stations that play these types of songs need to operate.

Z88.3, the Z as we call it in Orlando, Florida is looking for 1,700 Families to pledge $30 per month.

The Contemporary Christian Radio station is 100% listener supported, meaning there is no money from advertising.

The Z’s brand, their tag line is, “Safe For The Little Ears”!

In 1998, the Z had 28,000 monthly listeners. Now it’s 300,000.

Donations, one dollar at a time, are what grow this amazing ministry.

Cry Baby?

Cry Baby? I guess I am.

Driving this morning to Orlando International airport, listening to the “Z”, I cried three separate times.

Why? The music, especially the lyrics, really speak to me.

They reach a point in my spirit, my soul, that makes me feel so blessed to have everything I need.

In my weakness, I am made strong. It’s the same for everyone.

How do you get there? Many ways to be sure. My favorite is to listen to

Wish there was an easy way to tell others how to get there, but there isn’t. For me, it’s been a helluva journey.

Been to hell and back. Twice. For real.

While I love Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Buffett, Three Doors Down, Pink Floyd, etc., I love Z88.3 so much more.

To live without my music would be impossible to do, ‘cuz in this would of troubles, my music pulls me through.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

Z88.3 is the Best Radio Station

Is Z88.3 the best radio station in Central Florida?

No. It’s the best Contemporary Christian radio station in the world.

Tune in to 88.3 or 88.7 to listen here in Orlando.

You can also visit from anywhere in the world to listen.

Either way, it’s a life-saver for me. Has been for years.

And not only a life saver, but a life enhancer.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

PS. With God as my witness, I’d be a lesser person without the Z. Seriously.

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