Can a Contemporary Christian radio station transform a life?

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Radio waves equal life changing wow!


Can a Contemporary Christian radio station transform a life?

Hell yeah!

On my heart is a follow up to an unintentionally ungrateful heart.

A last ditch effort so to speak.

And then to let it go, and let God.

Convinced it can change a life because it has profoundly changed mine.

This Central Florida Contemporary Christian radio station.

Insight: There’s peace in staying with something, doing a remarkable job, then letting it go.

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Z Radio Got 1,700 Families

Z88.3 Is Central Florida's Star Talent
Z88.3 Is Central Florida's Star Talent

Thank you to the 1,700 Families that pledged $30 a month to allow Central Florida listener-supported radio station 88.3 to reach their goal.

And thank you to all the Families that couldn’t pledge with money, but are pledging their prayers.

This radio station touches every listener’s heart.

You know this if you listen.

You doubt this if you don’t.

It’s just human nature.

Guest Blogger This Sunday

It's Cold In Ohio
It's Cold In Ohio

Craig Nickoloff, from Ohio, will be’s Guest Blogger this Sunday.

Craig is a young man with a wife and two children. He’s a Christian, self-proclaimed Disney freak and a man who inspires me by his will and determination to become a better man, a better person.

We all struggle with it.

Can’t wait to introduce you to Craig on Sunday.

Have an AWESOME Friday today.

Safe For The Little Ears

Safe For The Big Ears Too
Safe For The Big Ears Too

Do you listen to music? I mean, all the time? Or do you listen to talk radio? Perhaps you don’t listen to radio at all.

It really makes no difference what we do.


Until we take an inventory of our spirit.


At any given moment, if you were put on the spot and forced to give an honest answer, could you immediately say, “I’m blessed beyond measure.”?

Could you? And we’re not talking some fake, or politically correct, “Of course!”

One of my secrets? Listening to Z88.3 every single day. The Z, as we call it here in Central Florida, plays contemporary Christian Music that is, Safe For The Little Ears.

Cry Baby?

Cry Baby? I guess I am.

Driving this morning to Orlando International airport, listening to the “Z”, I cried three separate times.

Why? The music, especially the lyrics, really speak to me.

They reach a point in my spirit, my soul, that makes me feel so blessed to have everything I need.

In my weakness, I am made strong. It’s the same for everyone.

How do you get there? Many ways to be sure. My favorite is to listen to

Wish there was an easy way to tell others how to get there, but there isn’t. For me, it’s been a helluva journey.

Been to hell and back. Twice. For real.

While I love Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Buffett, Three Doors Down, Pink Floyd, etc., I love Z88.3 so much more.

To live without my music would be impossible to do, ‘cuz in this would of troubles, my music pulls me through.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂