Gonna be 54

an angle getting his wings?

In 1989, Cheryl and I went back to Pennsylvania (from our home in Orlando) so I could be an attendant in our best man’s wedding. We stayed with Cheryl’s parents because it was closer, and especially to see Grammy, who at 93, wasn’t doing so well.

Grammy never went upstairs to her bedroom (she lived with my in-laws) the week we were there. I had never observed this before. At one point, I was asked to help move Grammy up from her chair. She passed away in my arms almost instantly…. (to be continued)

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Dear God, thank you for the privilege of a 53rd birthday

sanibel sunset
just another day in paradise

Everyday it’s the same. The sun comes up, and the sun goes down. Been that way for about 4.5 billion years. Billion! Incomprehensible.

Also incomprehensible is the gift of another birthday. We assume the sun will rise, and we assume we’ll live to see another year. One is guaranteed. The other, not so much.

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Happy Birthday Aunt Jenny

Now Blow Out The Candles...
Now Blow Out The Candles...

Happy birthday Aunt Jenny.

My Dad’s (only) younger sister’s birthday is today.

Jenny Noel is an amazingly accomplished Musician, an extraordinary Church organist, a retired Elementary School Music Teacher, and a cancer survivor.

Do you have relatives that have passed away and you don’t know much about them?

Do you have relatives that are still alive that fit the same category?

How have you handled this opportunity?

Happy Birthday Aunt Jennifer

Happy Birthday Aunt Jennifer.

My Aunt Jennifer’s birthday is today.

She may never read this, but that isn’t stopping me from thinking about her and hoping she has her best birthday ever.

Some people say it stinks to get old.

I guess it could if you let it.

Don’t you think getting old is one of the greatest gifts God bestows on us?

I do.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂